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Boost your kids’ divergent thinking abilities with stem learning toys from Microduino

Curiosity is temporary, but the lifelong love for learning is permanent. Do you want to foster the love of learning in your kid’s mind and want to encourage your child’s natural curiosity? Then STEM learning toys from Microduino can be your one-stop solution. We have a fine variety of STEM educational toys. Wondering how? Let’s find out!

Kids have this never-ending streak of questions that often intimidates adults. Child psychologists say that kids during their initial growing years are full of untapped potential. They are like blank canvas that can be filled with ideas and inspiration. But, when young minds are capable of so much, why do the same minds grow up to be overwhelmed by STEM subjects?

STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Surveys state that only 20% of students are suited to meet the STEM benchmarks. However, STEM careers are running the career limelight now more than ever, and STEM is a field that provides the highest-paying jobs all across the globe. At Microduino we understand this and our diverse range of STEM learning toys embody our belief.

Why are STEM toys recommended by reputed child psychologists?

Children are the brimming vessel of creativity, interest, and intuition. Learning becomes dull as they grow up, but in the initial years, education is all about having fun. STEM educational toys help your kid to adjust to the STEM way of education so that they can break the notion that STEM is hard as they grow up. Here’s a quick read of why STEM learning toys are encouraged by child specialists. Dive in!

  • Fostering a system thinking attitude

Believe it or not, but children mold their future aspirations and interests based on the ideas, concepts, and things that they learn in their day-to-day exposure. For parents and educators, it is instrumental to protect kids from getting influenced by ideas or views that contradict their capabilities. For instance, if a parent is averse to a certain topic, a child can also be negatively influenced. However, with STEM educational toys, this can be avoided. When children play with STEM learning toys, they realize how easy it is to grasp ideas related to maths, science, or technology, and this opens their avenues of confidence to be more open to these topics in their later years.

  • Better problem-solving abilities

STEM learning toys can encourage the authentic thought process of your kids and improve their cognitive learning abilities at a fast pace. So, your kids are encouraged to think independently, and they can use their intelligence to overcome hurdles. The educational STEM educational toys present kids with unique challenges that can encourage them to find solutions to win the game. When this happens, children don’t just face struggles confidently, but they also learn to approach problems independently.

  • Imbibing creativity from a young age

As stated above, STEM educational toys encourage kids to think of original ideas and stimulate creative decision-making, they can adopt a creative thinking cycle in the long run. Believe it or not, but every field needs creativity, and STEM learning toys present kids with multiple options to bring out their creativity in a whole different light, every time they play with the toy.

Why Microduino?

At Microduino, we understand that the best definition of STEM toys is learning developed with an educational concept for use in pragmatic purposes. Our intuitively designed, versatile STEM educational toys don’t just enhance the creativity of your tiny tot; they also promote spatial skills, enhance cognitive and sensory abilities, and develop your kid’s hand-eye coordination capabilities.

Microduino’s smart games encourage repeat play while building problem-solving rapport without any setbacks. For our toys, your munchkin has to employ a basic level of logical reasoning and critical thinking, which can cultivate the joy of learning in his mind. So, buy now and help your little one give a high-five to the STEM side of learning during the early growing years.

Apart from these STEM toys, MicroDuino helps kids with providing other DIY electronic kits, Lego compatible building sets, Quadcopter Kit, STEM learning kits, & more STEM products.

Do you want to get a STEM learning toy for your little bundle of joy, or do you want more information about the STEM theory of learning? Then get in touch with our experts now!

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