Quadcopter (w/ Joypad) Kit


About the Quadcopter Kit

The build-it-yourself Microduino Quadcopter is a flying four-motor rotorcraft controllable with the included Microduino Joypad.

The Microduino (quadcopter kit) Series is our original product, created for those looking for the most flexibility in their DIY projects. Its quarter-sized profile makes it easier to integrate into projects of all shapes and sizes.

Smart, flexible, and compatible with the Arduino ecosystem, for designers quadcopter kit have everything they need to build their own applications.

  • Build a flying four motor rotorcraft
  • Wirelessly control the quadcopter using the included Microduino Joypad
  • Uses the Microduino Series modules
  • Customizable Open Source code
  • Contains all required electronics and frame materials

Detailed Description

A Flying Quadcopter

The Microduino Quadcopter is a flying four motor rotorcraft kit. The quadcopter kit is designed to be fun and easy to assemble. When building this, kids learn about the different modules and the functions required to create the quadcopter.

Positioning and Orientation
The quadcopter utilizes a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope chip (MPU-6050) to determine its positioning and orientation. With this data, the quadcopter kit’s motors are able to compensate for orientation during operation.

Wireless Control
The CoreRF module (Core + nRF) adds wireless communication to the Microduino Quadcopter. The quadcopter kit can be remotely controlled by the included Microduino Joypad. Additionally, the included Microduino Joypad can be reprogrammed and used for other projects.

Microduino Series Modules
This kit incorporates various Microduino Series modules. The Microduino Series is a set of modules which are Arduino compatible, have a small form factor, stack-able, modular, and reusable. The modules were designed for hobbyists and tinkers to quickly create and prototype projects.

A Complete Kit
The quadcopter kit contains everything needed to make the Microduino Quadcopter. Electronic hardware from the embedded processor (CoreRF module) to the motors and propellers are included. Also included are frame pieces for the quadcopter. A recharge-able battery is also included which can be recharged with a MicroUSB Cable plugged into the base board. The Open Source code is provided and can be modified for personal customization. Similarly, the Microduino Joypad contains everything needed to be assembled (including the rechargable li-ion battery).

Quadcopter Kit Includes:

Quadcopter Includes

  • 1x Microduino CoreRF
  • 1x Microduino USBTTL-C
  • 1x Microduino Motion
  • 1x Microduino Shield
  • Quadcopter
  • 1x Quadcopter Frame
  • 4 x Wing Assembly (wing frame + motor + propeller)
  • 1 x 2.4Ghz Antenna
  • 1x Li-ion (1S) Battery, 650 mAH
  • 1x MicroUSB Cable
  • 1x Phillips Screwdriver
  • 8x Screw – M1.6x3mm

Joypad Includes

  • 1x Microduino CoreRF
  • 1x Microduino TFT Module
  • 1x TFT Cable (8 pin)
  • 1x Front Face Joypad Plate
  • 1x Base PCB Joypad Plate
  • 2x Joystick
  • 4x Button
  • 1 x 2.4Ghz Antenna
  • 1x MicroUSB Cable
  • 1x Flathead Screwdriver
  • 8x Nylon Screw – M2x6
  • 8x Nylon Nut – M2
  • 8x Nylon Stud – M2x8+5
  • (Li-ion battery included)


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