Microduino Is Perfect
for Makers of All Ages!

Microduino building blocks - Microduino

At Microduino, we ♥ makers!

If you’re a maker at heart, and you relish the challenge, enjoyment, and excitement of tackling cool and distinctive do-it-yourself (DIY) technology-based projects, then Microduino has the perfect products for you!

Each Microduino building block is based on the popular Arduino open-source platform. The maker in you can create interactive electronic objects. Our patented, quarter-sized snap-together building blocks are flexible and secure. Every building block has a function. GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth allows you to be a creator and make all kinds of interconnected projects.

Simply by stacking together the Microduino building blocks, sensors, and modules a maker can design drones, robots, GPS trackers, a 3D printer; or whatever their imagination can conjure up. It’s amazing how easily Microduino can turn one’s idea into a reality, providing nearly unlimited projects, applications and configurations! Explore and be a creator.

If you can dream it, you can build it…with Microduino.

Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations

Microduino (DIY) Series

The Microduino module series marks a revolution in the way one prototypes electronics. Gone is the practice of messy soldering. Piles of tangled wires to connect the components are a thing of the past. Microduino has opened the doors of electronics to designers, architects, biologists, scientists, doctors and countless other professionals. Clean. Intuitive. Progressive.

mCookie Series

Our mCookie stackable modules eliminate having to wire things to a breadboard.  Therefore, learning about programming is not intimidating, in fact, it’s just the opposite!

The mCookie Series eliminates the need for messy wiring by making electronics easily connectable. With our magnetic stackable modules and design it is truly as simple as snapping pieces together! Messy wiring, breadboarding and soldering is completely eliminated!