The Best STEM Building Blocks Sets For Kids (Lego Compatible)

Embracing the art of STEM thinking with the science of construction play from Microduino

Say what comes to your mind when you think about STEM building blocks. Most of us picture preschoolers having hours of fun building towers or stacking blocks. Undoubtedly STEM building blocks, STEM building sets and lego compatible building sets are a favorite toddler toy, and they are the mainstay of preschool sensory and motor skill development. However, how old were you when you realized that STEM building blocks can also be used in promoting meaningful STEM skill-building activities. The STEM building blocks set from Microduino can stimulate a child’s motor development and improve their sense of spatial reasoning. How? Let’s see!

Why opt for Lego compatible building sets that promote STEM thinking?

Well, at one point or the other, every child might have played with STEM building sets. But STEM building sets are different. They can incline your little one to the STEM side of your career and provide ample opportunity to think critically, assess problems, and come up with the best approach or solution. Besides, isn’t Lego every kid’s favorite pass time? When you try to teach your kid something with Lego compatible building sets, they form a notion in their head that STEM is fun. Instead of seeing STEM subjects in a hierarchically daunting light, they would see STEM subjects as innovative solutions to real-world problems.

When you compel your child that STEM is easy with Lego compatible building sets, you can debunk the myth that STEM subjects are too difficult. They help to see children how many STEM-related concepts are more manageable than they may even seem. When children engage from an early age with STEM toys, they can realize that mastering math and science are quite attainable goals.

STEM building blocks- The love language for your kid's intuitiveness

Complex block-play is linked with enhanced cognitive functionality and mathematical reasoning. Besides STEM building blocks being the cornerstone of developing a robust interest in engineering and talking about the technological point of view, Microduino has many innovations that keep technology in STEM building sets simple yet interesting for kids. Discover further let’s break down the benefits of STEM building blocks as per the STEM context of learning:


When children indulge in block play, they swim in the ocean of scientific facts. With block play, kids can understand the cause and effect of architectural designs and learn about gravity, properties of matter, apparent rules of the inclined plane, stability, weight, and balance as they propagate inductive thinking and experimentation.


Microduino has introduced the technological side of STEM building blocks. Our STEM building sets always have a secret hidden quirk that can help to shape up the technological intellect of your little one without any issues.


When kids learn problem-solving abilities with block play and build structures based on their preliminary knowledge, they also learn about architecture and the names and functions of different buildings and bridges. As your little ones build their unique structures, they explore the infinite possibilities that different shapes hold in their combinations.


With block play, a child can learn to express mathematical entities like quantity and measurements. When kids sort and match objects based on shapes, sizes, addition, geometry, subtraction, etc., they gain a basic understanding of math. If your kid is a bit older, you can also use block play to help them learn about fractions, geometry, symmetry, graphing, sets, classification, and other advanced mathematical concepts.

Bonus: The artistic side

When you guide your kids in the STEM philosophy, they can understand basic concepts of color psychology, understand designs and embrace various art opportunities for thinking creatively. In addition, kids also learn to develop a variety of other skills with block play as well with the help of lego compatible building sets. These include:

  • Social-emotional skills
  • Language and literary skills
  • Fine cognitive and motor skills, and more

MicroDuino, apart from these STEM building blocks helps kids with providing other DIY electronic kits, STEM educational toys, Quadcopter Kit, STEM learning kits, & more STEM products

Block play with STEM from Microduino

Microduino believes in innovation. Our STEM building sets can promote so much more than just general cognitive thinking. There are stackable modules that can help your little one learn about programming. Our mCookie Series STEM building blocks is equipped with magnetic stackable modules and design that is as simple as snapping pieces together. Your little one can have a really fun experience with the additional perk of learning something new, out-of-the-box. By handing over our STEM building blocks to your young adult, you promise growth and all the answers to the questions that are revolving around that little curious mind.

Whether it is text-based coding with Arduino IDE or python coding with designers, our programming support can help beginners with anything that can help them to learn to code. Want your little one to cultivate an interest in coding or another STEM field? Get interactively designed STEM building blocks with Microduino now!

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