Best STEM Products for kids

mCookie magnetic stackable modules


Microduino STEM educational products mCookie 2016 award winner

mCookie is a STEM product designed for all those who love to create. Our mCookie STEM educational products are a series of small, stackable, and Arduino-compatible electronic building blocks. The possibilities for creation are endless!



mPuzzle is a STEM product designed for children ages 5 and up. These STEM educational products help kids learn the fundamentals of coding and electronics. Easy snap-together pieces are hands-on and very interactive.

mPuzzle STEM educational snap together circuits


Microduino products mPie magnetic pieces

mPie is a STEM product is designed for children ages 7 and up and teaches children introductory hardware coding. And, more advanced electronic and product design concepts, too!

Microduino STEM educational products 4 Stem Mix kits

Microduino STEM Education Mix Kits​

Microduino Mix STEM product Kits are designed for children ages 9 and up. They are our progressive, four-level STEM educational products and learning sySTEMs. The STEM product kits teach children all about coding, electronics, and product design.

MicroDuino, apart from these STEM products helps kids with providing other DIY electronic kits, STEM educational toys, Quadcopter Kit, STEM learning kits, STEM building blocks & more.