mCookie Series

Our mCookie stackable modules eliminate having to wire things to a breadboard.  Therefore, learning about programming is not intimidating, in fact, it’s just the opposite!

The mCookie Series eliminates the need for messy wiring by making electronics easily connectable. With our magnetic stackable modules and design it is truly as simple as snapping pieces together! Messy wiring, breadboarding and soldering is completely eliminated!

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About the Series

mCookie Series - Microduino

All stackable modules are color coded based on their role in the design and creation process. Grab what is needed for a project and simply stack them together!

  • Red –  Code modules are the brains and logic of a project.
  • Green – Extension modules enable control of additional electronics, such as motors or a display screen.
  • Yellow – Function modules enable extra functionality, such as audio playback or motion detection.
  • Blue – Communication modules enable wireless communication such as Bluetooth or WiFi.
mcookie Stack - Microduino

Magnets built into the stackable modules makes connecting modules a snap!

Spring-loaded pins (pogo pins) - Microduino

Spring-loaded pins (pogo pins) create an electrical connection between modules. No soldering required!

mcookie Sensors - Microduino

Modules are designed to be building block compatible. Which makes assembling a project quick and easy!

Programming Support

Microduino uses Scratch 3.0

Drag and drop coding with mDesigner

mCookie series stackable modules can be programmed using drag-and-drop coding with mDesigner. mDesigner is based on MIT’s Scratch 3. Users will be immediately familiar with the standard Scratch interface, but with added support to control and interact with our mCookie modules. This method is great for beginners learning to code.


Text based coding with Arduino IDE​

mCookie series modules can be programmed in the traditional text based coding using the Arduino IDE with added Microduino support. 


Python coding with mDesigner

mDesigner also provides the option of programming with Python.

mCookie Kits

This kit provides a basic set of components that are perfect for beginners looking to get into electronics and programming. Learn more 

Designed to be used by every level of maker from beginner to expert to help quickly build projects. Learn more

The mCookie 302 Expert Kit by Microduino is the most comprehensive kit. Learn more

Itty Bitty City is a complete 8-in-1 project kit. Perfect for beginners and educators looking to learn or teach electronics and programming. Learn more

mCookie Series Modules


mCookie Core modules are the brain of the Microduino platform. Core modules contain the micro-controller which drives electronics projects on the Microduino platform. One core module is required per project. Each core modules have different abilities depending on their micro-controller. Most core modules are compatible with an existing Arduino board. mCookie Core Programmers (such as mBattery or mCookie USBTTL) are required to upload sketches from the Microduino IDE to core modules. Core modules are outlined in red.


mCookie Extension boards expand electronics projects utilizing the Microduino platform. Extension boards can expand a project with various functionalities. Some of which include the ability to control an actuator, adding an LCD display, etc. Extension boards are outlined in green.


mCookie Communication modules adds wireless communication to an electronics project utilizing the Microduino Platform. mCookie cores can utilize various communication modules to add WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, RF, etc support. The mCookie CoreRF natively supports wireless communication. Communication modules are outlined in blue.


mCookie Function modules adds functionality to an electronics projects when using the Microduino platform. Each function modules has different abilities. Function modules are controlled by a core module. Function modules are outlined in yellow.