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Microduino-CoreRF is an AVR core board with 802.15.4 Wireless Protocol integrated. It supports any wireless modules based on 802.15.4 Protocol, including Zigbee, MAC/6LoWPAN and RF4CE.



Integrate 802.15.4 Wireless Protocol and support wireless modules like Zigbee, MAC/6LoWPAN and RF4CE.
Small, open, stackable and economic.
With open source hardware circuit design and Arduino compatible programming IDE.
Like Arduino, Microduino can use ISP download method to burn programs into {bootloader}flexibly.
With uniform Microduino interface standard and rich peripheral modules, it can easily connect with other Microduino modules and sensors.
2.54mm (0.1 inch) pin pitch, compatible with breadboards and pegboards.


To learn more about the Microduino-CoreRF specification, visit Microdino-CoreRF Wiki page.