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Microduino-Core+ is an 8-bit microcontroller development core board based on Atmel ATmega1284P and ATmega644PA series as the core and it is an open-source controller module compatible with Arduino UNO. Beside Microduino-core+ has the features of Microduino-Core, the number of input and output of Flash, RAM, EEPROM of it has been greatly improved, and the pin conforms to the norms of Microduino, and the players can upgrade core to core+ smoothly, without modifying the arduino code basically.
Microduino uses java and C language development environment, same to Arduino. Players can use Arduino IDE, cooperated with software such as Flash or Processing , with Microduino and other electronic components, modules and sensors to make many funny interactive works.



Strong configuration. Its biggest Flash and SRAM can arrive 128KB and 16KB respectively.
Small, cheap, stackable, and open.
Open source hardware circuit design, and compatible-with Arduino programming development environment;
Same with Arduino, Microduino can use ISP download line to program to 「bootloader」 flexibly;
The unified Microduino interface specification and abundant peripheral modules can be connected and extended with other modules and sensors conformed to the Microduino interface specification conveniently and flexibly;
2.54 spacing mother of interface is convenient to integrate into the hole plate.


To learn more about the Microduino-Core+ specification, visit Microdino-Core+ Wiki page.