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Microduino-CoreUSB 8-bit microcontroller development board with the ATMEGA32U4 series as the core, and it is a open-source controller module compatible with Arduino Leonardo.
The difference between Microduino-CoreUSB and Microduino-core and Microduino-core+ is that the Microduino-CoreUSB contains a microcontroller and USB communication, equivalent to (Microduino-Core + Microduino-USBTTL), and its pins conform to the Microduino specification. Microduino uses java , the development environment of C language, same with Arduino. Players can use Arduino IDE, cooperating with software such as Flash or Processing, with Microduino and other electronic components, modules and sensors to make many funny interactive works.



It contains microcontroller and USB communication, so you can directly download programs through the USB port, having no more need of Microduino-USBTTL;
USB overcurrent protection;
Small, cheap, stackable
Open-source hardware circuit design, and programming development environment compatible with Arduino;
Same with Arduino, Microduino can use ISP download way, to program to「bootloader」 flexibly;
Unified Microduino interface specification, and abundant peripheral modules, can be connected and extended quickly, conveniently, and flexibly with other modules and sensors conforming to the Microduino interface specification;
2.54 spacing Female Header interface is convenient to integrate into the hole plate.


To learn more about the Microduino-CoreUSB specification, visit Microdino-CoreUSB Wiki page.