Bluetooth 4.0 (DIY)


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Microduino-BLE is a BLE serial transparent transmission module based on CC2541 chip. It is custom-made for U-shaped 27PIN standard interface of Microduino.



Adopt Microduino UPIN27 standard interface, working by stacking with other Microduino modules;
Adopt TI CC2541 chip with low consumption;
Support iBecons mode;
Multiple ways to restore factory settings;
Use “AT+ RENEW\r\n” instruction to restore;
Test pin DEF to GND and then power on the module. The LED light blinks after LED 1 keeps on for three seconds and meantime, loose DEF and factory reset succeeds, you can see the LED light blinks every one second.
Capable of data power-off preservation function;
Support AT instruction and flexible to change serial baud rate, device name, code matching as well as other parameters according to various needs;
Small, cheap, stackable and open source;
Open source hardware circuit design and Arduino compatible programming development environment;
Uniform Microduino interface standard and rich external modules, flexible to connect with other Microduino modules and sensors;
2.54 pin pitch interface makes it easy to be integrated to pegboard.


To learn more about the Microduino-BLE specification, visit Microdino-BLE Wiki page.