Ethernet, WIZ (DIY)


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Microduino-ENC28J60 adopts the Ethernet controller that is compatible with the single chip network interface chip IEEE 802.3of the high-performance SPI bus in company MicroChip, and integrates MAC and 10BASE-T PHY, and supports full duplex and half duplex mode. It should be used stacked with Microduino-RJ45 to reduce the size further.

Microduino-ENC28J60 must be stacked with Microduino-RJ45 to compose into a completed network module, and it can’t be used alone.

Microduino-ENC28J60 and Microduino-RJ45 are both included in this Ethernet package.



A firenew all hardware TCP/IP protocol stack network chip since W5100, W5200 and W5300. With lower power consumption and operating temperature and modified process, and it’s the best solution choice of the embedded Ethernet;
Adopts U-shape 27pin Microduino standard interface, and can be used stacked with module Microduino-RJ45 . Plug and play. The whole size is smaller;
Open-source hardware circuit design, and compatible-with-Arduino compilation development environment;
With unified Microduino interface specification and abundant periphery modules, which make it can be extended and connected with other modules and sensors which meet the Microduino interface specification, quickly, conveniently and flexibly;
With 2.54-spacing female header connector interface, which is convenient for the integration to the pegboard.


To learn more about the Microduino-ENC28J60 specification, visit Microdino-ENC28J60 Wiki page.