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Based on MIT’s Scratch 3, mDesigner expands on Scratch by adding support for Microduino modules, sensors and trinkets.


  • Based on Scratch 3 programming
  • Drag-and-drop programming for individuals looking to learn how to code
  • Native support for Windows / Mac operating systems
  • Support for ChromeOS by browser extension and cloud based compilation
  • Support for most Microduino (DIY) modules, mCookie modules, sensors & trinkets. (See module support list)

mDesigner is targeted for beginners looking to learn how to code. It is a great tool for those with little to no experience in programming. With its simple drag-and-drop programming feature it makes coding a snap!

mDesigners runs natively on Windows and Mac operating systems. With support for ChromeOS as a web browser extension.



Module Support

Microduino / mCookie Core (328p)
Microduino / mCookie Core+ (644pa)
Microduino / mCookie CoreUSB
Microduino / mCookie CoreRF
Microduino / mCookie BLE Upload
Microduino / mCookie USBTTL

Drag-and-drop Programming

Microduino uses Scratch 3.0

mDesigner features the classic drag-and-drop programming found in Scratch. To assemble the code, simply drag the block into the script area.

Most Microduino (DIY) series modules, mCookie series modules, sensors & trinkets can be programmed using drag-and-drop coding with mDesigner. Users will be immediately familiar with the standard Scratch interface, but with added support to control and interact with most of our Most Microduino (DIY) series modules, mCookie series modules, sensors & trinkets. This method is great for beginners learning to code.

Online Mode

Online Mode is the default mode when using mDesigner. It allows you to use mDesigner as normal but with the ability to use modules included in the MIX Kit. You must upload a special firmware onto the Core+ module to use this mode. In this mode, to control the modules, you will need to have your project connected to your computer to send commands in real time. If you disconnect the project from your computer, your project will no longer receive commands.

Offline Mode

Offline Mode is a special mode that can be enabled. It acts as a drag-and-drop editor for programming. The Stage is disabled and many Block categories cannot be used. The main advantage of using Offline Mode is that code is generated, compiled, and uploaded. This means that you can disconnect your project from your computer and it can still work. Whereas, during Online Mode, you need to have your project connected to your computer to instruct your project what to do. Offline Mode can be accessed by toggling the Mode Slider.

Python Programming


mDesigner features python code generation when assembling code with drag-and-drop programming. The python code is editable and can used similarly to online mode.