mCookie Series Modules


mCookie Core modules are the brain of the Microduino platform. Core modules contain the micro-controller which drives electronics projects on the Microduino platform. One core module is required per project. Each core modules have different abilities depending on their micro-controller. Most core modules are compatible with an existing Arduino board. mCookie Core Programmers (such as mBattery or mCookie USBTTL) are required to upload sketches from the Microduino IDE to core modules. Core modules are outlined in red.


mCookie Extension boards expand electronics projects utilizing the Microduino platform. Extension boards can expand a project with various functionalities. Some of which include the ability to control an actuator, adding an LCD display, etc. Extension boards are outlined in green.


mCookie Communication modules adds wireless communication to an electronics project utilizing the Microduino Platform. mCookie cores can utilize various communication modules to add WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, RF, etc support. Communication modules are outlined in blue.


mCookie Function modules adds functionality to an electronics projects when using the Microduino platform. Each function modules has different abilities. Function modules are controlled by a core module. Function modules are outlined in yellow.