Microduino Products Are Now Available at Fry’s Electronics!

Fry’s Electronics Selling Microduino - Microduino

August 28, 2018 – Exciting news! Starting today, select Microduino STEM education toys are available at Fry’s Electronics, one of America’s leading personal computer (PC) and consumer electronics retailers!

Fry’s is selling four Microduino offerings, including its best-selling Itty Bitty City project kit, and all three of their MIX kits.  Microduino is proud to have its products among the ever-growing assortment of STEM education toys. Fry’s has shown a deep commitment to instructional products targeted at children, parents, and highly-passionate makers, inventors, hobbyists, and electronics enthusiasts.

Microduino products are available on www.frys.com and in all 34 of its brick-and-mortar locations in nine states, each boasting a different theme. A must see!

Microduino Brand Identity Name With Logo - Microduino

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