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Sensor-MIC is sound detection sensor module. Electret microphone is composed of sound electric conversion and impedance conversion. The key component of sound electric conversion is electret diaphragm, which is a slice of thin plastic film of which one side is steamed with a layer of metal film, and after the electret by high voltage field, the two sides respectively has opposite charges, the steamed gold face of the diaphragm is outward, and is connected with the metal case. In the electret microphone, there is a field effect tube to do pre amplifier, so a certain blas voltage is needed when the electret microphone is working normally, which is generally not greater than 10v.
*Compatible with the DIY and mCookie series.



Capacitive sound detection component
Low power and high sensitivity
With small size which is easy to install


To learn more about Sensor-Mic, visit our Sensor-Mic Wiki page.