Microduino STEM Education MIX Kits

STEM education, and our passion for it, is why Microduino has teamed up with teachers, administrators, and academic experts. The result? A series of four powerful learning systems that progressively teach children, as young as five years old, electronic circuitry, coding, and product design. Microduino MIX Kits also encourage creativity and exploration, an integral part of STEM education. These kits have limitless applications that go beyond the included, pre-coded, projects. Collectively, the four learning systems represent an innovative STEM instruction approach that builds upon our company’s existing mPuzzle and mPie product lines. We deliver a comprehensive STEM education road map for elementary through high school students.



Our four Microduino MIX Kits include a combination of Arduino based hardware components and coding resources. Additionally, an extensive 250+ page on-line instructional manual guides students step-by-step through challenging in-class product development and coding projects. Each subsequent MIX Kit focuses on more advanced STEM education concepts. We want students to further their abilities to think logically and sequentially. Developing problem solving skills using technology-focused problems, is a huge part of how we contribute to the STEM education market. For more information about Microduino MIX Kits, and to order the product for your classroom, school, or school district, please contact Microduino’s sales department at sales@microduinoinc.com.