Microduino’s newest STEM educational tool - Microduino

"The best kit for kids to learn computer and coding"

-TIME Magazine

"Inspires Imagination and STEM Learning"


Buggy EDU is...

An education robot with so many possibilities!

A complete and innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) solution including interactive, educational, entertaining robot, NGSS standard curriculum, open content platform and challenge proposals, bringing together a community of inventors around the world !

Our STEAM solution cultivates critical thought, personal exploration, and individual creativity. It has cool features including Programmable, Remote controllable, Color Recognition, Bluetooth, LEGO compatible, Voice control, Unlimited possibilities.

Buggy NGSS Curriculum

Itty Bitty Buggy - Education Edition - Microduino

The Itty Bitty Buggy STEM/Makerspace NGSS Curriculum is written by the Science teacher of the year and the STEM experts in New York School District.

What's in the Box

IBBEDU_Package02_20190520_LXI copy
  1. mCenter+
  2. Buggy base
  3. USB cable
  4. More than 200 pieces of building blocks
  5. Unlimited access to our online Scratch platform
  6. Connector cables
  7. Online version of Buggy STEM NGSS curriculum

Drag and drop coding with mDesigner (based on Scratch)

Microduino products can be programmed using drag-and-drop coding with mDesigner. mDesigner is based on MIT’s Scratch 3. Users will be immediately familiar with the standard Scratch interface, added support to interact with our modules. 

Pyhton coding with mDesigner

Python programming option is provided in mDesigner online mode platform.

Text based coding with Arduino IDE​

mCookie series modules can be programmed in the traditional text based coding using the Arduino IDE with added Microduino support. 

The Microduino online EDU Scratch platform

Ideaxlab is a platform with a sense of community.
Access to Microduino online Scratch based coding tool – mDesigner 3. Learn to code, program the Buggy, create your own STEAM projects and share your work with the community. Easy and fun!


1. Do I need to have some prior knowledge to use the product?
No! With access to our platform and the teacher guide, it is easy to follow and learn how to use your Buggy via app and even program it with mDesigner.

2. How do I buy this product?
Just click on “Order now !” and you will be redirected to a page. There, you only need to fill in the requested information, and send an email to our sales department. We will contact you shortly.

3. What is the recommended age to use the product and the platform?
We recommend kids from 8+, as well as young people and adults of any age!

4. Is the platform safe for children?
All published content is verified by our team. Thus, we guarantee that everything will be suitable and safe for children.

5. Will the content of the platform be produced only by the Microduino team?
No. The objective of IdeaxLab is to provide all the necessary support so that everyone can boost their imagination and share inventions with the whole community.

6. Will there be other products available for purchase?
Yes. The friendly Itty Bitty Buggy is compatible with our modules and sensors. We are also working on new features & products and support contents.

7. How do I access support?
You can contact us at support@microduinoinc.com